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2012 Election Changes California's Three-Strikes Law

California voters passed Proposition 184 in 1994, as a means to putting multiple felony offenders in prison for the remainder of their lives. In 2012, voters revisited the law and passed Proposition 36, which mandates a prison sentence of 25 years to life only for violent felony convictions. Under the revised law, certain felony charges are considered "strike" offenses, and prosecutors have the option of bumping charges into the "three strikes" category if they have sufficient reason for seeking a strike conviction. 

It is a mistake to think that the three-strikes law won't affect you if this is your first-time felony offense. It doesn't take three strikes to face the full consequences of the revised three-strikes law. If you have one felony strike against you already, the sentence for a second conviction will be doubled. A third conviction can result in a life sentence — no matter what the usual sentencing guidelines say.

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The Prosecutor May Use Your Prior Record Against You

Your first line of defense in any three-strikes felony case must include preventing the prosecutor from charging your prior criminal record as a strike against you. Prosecutors often try to prosecute your case as a "second strike" even if your previous conviction was not counted as a strike. The prosecutor has the option of submitting your prior record for review, along with arguments that the felony offense met the criteria of a violent offense. The judge will decide whether to allow the prosecutor to move forward. 

Successful Strategies For Protecting You From The Three-Strikes Law

Southern California judges are more likely to reject the prosecutor's request for classifying your previous conviction as a "strike" if your conviction is more than 10 years old or not considered violent in nature. Our attorneys can file a defense motion seeking to “strike a strike.” With the proper counsel, you can seek judicial discretion to invalidate a prior strike conviction.

Juvenile Court Records

Typically, juvenile records are erased when the minor reaches adult status in California. However, when seeking to prosecute your adult case under the three-strikes law, prosecutors have the option of submitting your juvenile record as proof of habitual offender status. If the judge agrees, you may face a second strike, even if it is your first felony offense as an adult.

Typical three-strikes offenses include:

  • Rape charges, aggravated sexual assault
  • Aggravated assault, battery
  • Carjacking
  • Armed robbery
  • Residential burglary

Federal Three-Strikes Law

Under federal law, a third conviction for a federal narcotics offense can result in mandatory life imprisonment. We are experienced federal court criminal defense attorneys. Call us as soon as you think you may be under investigation or have already been indicted on federal charges.  

Strike Avoidance — Aggressive Defense To Prevent The Three-Strikes Law 

We will work aggressively to find an alternative to having your felony prosecuted as a three-strikes offense. George Siddell has been practicing in the area of criminal law in Southern California courts for more than four decades. Luis Macias is an experienced civil litigation defense trial attorney. Our lawyers have earned a reputation for excellence and integrity among prosecutors and judges. We have an excellent record of success when searching for a favorable option for our clients. 

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