"I can't say how pleased I am with Mr. Macias.  I had a case that was complicated, yet Mr. Macias was able to sort out the issues for me.  He spent a good deal of time on my case and communicated (even on weekends) to give me updates and calm my fears.  Mr. Macias possesses a very calm demeanor that puts you at ease.  He was very fair and did not drop the ball.  He avoided a costly trial that would have put strain on myself and my family.  He was able to secure a plea deal where everything ended up being reduced to an infraction!  On top of that, he was able to secure the waiver of investigative costs the city was asking for.  This was after the prosecutor had taken all plea deals off the table.  I truly believe Mr. Macias' calmness and persuasion made the prosecutor come back to the bargaining table to negotiate a fair deal.   Mr. Macias was ready to take this  all the way to trial and believed in my case.  Once you meet with Mr. Macias and experience his calmness and intellect, you will agree with me that you are getting a top notch advocate who will fight your case in a very professional manner looking at every angle.  I trust him and am very pleased with the results of my case.."

- AI M./ Chula Vista





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